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Brain Graham Racing

     BGR is the Canadian distributor for Piper Racecars and is a factory supported team of the popular chassis which is built in California, USA. The all new Piper DL7 debuted in 2014 and grabbed it’s first win at CTMP during the Al Craighead Can Am Cup.


BGR has put more drivers in the winner’s circle than any other team in Ontario F1600 (OFFC) history and has an incredible run winning the Rookie of the Year for 10 of the last 13 years. With an alumni list that boasts drivers who have gone on to win championships all over North America, to several starters in the Indy 500, BGR is well known as the place to begin a career in open wheel racing.

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Toyo Tires F1600 Series

     The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series is a competitive, technologically advanced form of open wheel racing based in Ontario and sanctioned by the CASC, Ontario region.


The Series features cars powered by both Ford and Honda motors and has two distinct classes, the “A” Class for the newest and most refined chassis and the “B” Class, for cars manufactured in 1994 or earlier.


For years F1600 racing has been the style of racing that has produced almost all of Canada’s most decorated road racing stars. It provides the most cost-effective form of entry level formula car competition for the aspiring young star and is an excellent destination series for racers looking for the closest wheel-to-wheel racing in the country.

To learn more about the series visit:

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The Car 

Piper DL7 FF      

Engine:  Honda L15A7 1.5L HPD matched with a Hewland LD-200 Transaxle.  4-Speed.

Suspension: 4130 streamline tubing, pushrod/bell crank actuated inboard dampers from Penske.


Tires:  Toyo Proxes r888 

              Fronts 185/60/13

              Rears 205/60/13


Photo 2019-04-27, 1 09 40 PM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 7 40 20 AM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 6 58 35 AM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 7 35 39 AM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 7 34 06 AM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 7 34 47 AM.jpg
Photo 2019-04-27, 6 59 30 AM.jpg
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