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R2R Road To Racing
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A group of Canadian motorsports enthusiasts are banding together to do what has never been done in Canada before...create a motorsports amateur athletics association.


Officially called a RCAAA, this is anticipated to be a charitable organization whose sole purpose will be to promote the growth of amateur motorsports in Canada, with the aim to be part of the growth of the sport in our country and get more athletes to the upper tier of motorsports. The goal is for this association to be able to issue tax deductible charitable receipts to individuals, or receive charitable funds from Donor Advised Funds or Family Foundations.


It is anticipated that this organization will, through these donations, provide bursaries to aspiring Karting drivers and F-1600 drivers as part of the ladder to Road to Indy or GT racing.


In addition it anticipates working with the Team Canada Scholarship program, to include bursaries for multiple cars in Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy, and running a shootout similar to Team USA Scholarship program.

Neil Braun 

Canadian Tire Whitby North - Whitby South 
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What intrigues me most about supporting Jonathan with his dream is that I see a passion and maturity in him that reminds me of my journey to owning my very own Canadian Tire Store.

I started with Canadian Tire in 1979 at the young age of 15.  I continued to work there making friends, learning many life lessons that I draw on even now. 


I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but always worked hard at everything I put my mind to.  I worked my way up to each management level and finally decided I was ready to take the ultimate plunge and applied to get my own store.  I was also one of the youngest Dealers at the time to get accepted. 


Today I am the proud owner of the Canadian Tire store in Whitby North, and employ over 150 local employees .  Jonathan being one of them. Anyhow , I see that same ambition and determination in Jonathan and am proud to be able to stand there with him . 

Fior Ciavone 

Antara Marketing International


Since opening over 20 years ago as a promotional branding and corporate apparel business, Antara marketing has proudly followed a mantra of quality, solid relationships and exceptional customer service. 


Driven by a deep-rooted passion for Motorsports, our core offerings have expanded to include racing attire, team wear and a variety of promotional products. Our solutions are a cost effective means to support professional recognition.  Using various modalities such as embroidery, silk-screening and digital flex, combined with a host of product selections and design services,


We are able to visually impress the essence of our clients’ businesses. Our goal is to share your story!

Marcelo Albarracin-Sarmiento

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Diego Pawlun Photography 

My name is Diego Pawlun. I was born in Paraguay, South America but moved to Ontario, Canada at a young age. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always been around cars whether it be playing with hot wheels at the age of 3, or helping my dad or brothers around the garage at my house.


In addition to my love cars, picture taking was one of my favorite pass times. I got my first camera (An old Canon point and shoot to be exact) when I was around 10 years old. At a young age, my family would refer to me as the “family photographer”.  Around the same time, my family started taking me and my siblings out to spectate at the local racetrack (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Formerly known as ‘Mosport’).


There was something about taking photos of racecars traveling at mind blowing speeds that has me hooked to this day. Ever since then, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to photograph many other things apart from my main hobby. These include: family photos, portraits, events and lifestyle photos.  

Diego Pawlun

Next Level Media 
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Next Level Media is a digital marketing agency providing photo and video content to brands
and businesses. Our focus is to create inspiring video content that connects with your
audience, builds your brand, and tells your story.


We are creative media enthusiasts passionate about bettering small business.


Getting the opportunity to film and work with Jonathan was an incredible experience. His
dedication and love for auto racing is inspiring, and his skills as a driver are the highest level.
Hoping we can produce some more great content with Jonathan in the future!

Daulton Theis 

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