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Track Day Coaching 

Driving high performance race cars has given Jonathan the ability to help others with their driving skills. 

With the large understanding of car control, vehicle dynamics, and track application teaching others to drive their vehicles around the track comes naturally.  

With the partnership of Diego Pawlun Photography  the JWR team can offer a unique driver experience for any tack day event and vehicle at the track. 

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"Jonathan is one of the most genuine and patient coaches I have met.  

He explained the technicals in the most simplest way so I could better understand how to handle the car and how to approach each corner. Each lap, he would focus on 2-3 areas on which I need to improve, and pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone.  By the end of the day, I have gained so much confidence in myself and in the car, and shedded 3-5 seconds off each lap." 

-Mandy Siu     Porsche 911 GTS 

Sport Driving Canada

Porsche Canada 

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2021 saw the join to Sport Driving Canada team. With the event contracts for Porsche Canada, being a Junior Instructor has been a great addition to Jonathan's passion for his racing carrier.


Working along side Zach Robichon and Jonathan Urlin, Jonathan is advancing his skill set in 
Lead and follow instruction, Interaction with clients on a driving and product education
& ability to train in a safe and effective manner. 

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